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Commissione Tecnica Centrale

 The Technical Central Commission (CTC in italian) is the most important technical comitee of the SB and has the task to decide the selection guidelines on national base. The CTC is formed by the President of ANACRHAI, 3 Breeders appointed by ANACRHAI Administration Council, 2 Ministry of Agricolture Officials, 1 Official Ministry Of Health Veterinary Service, 3 Officials appointed by the Agricolture Service of the three most Regions with the most important Haflinger population in Italy; 1 genetic improvement expert (usually a University Professor or Researcher) and the Responsable of the SB Technicians. CTC is in charge for three years.  

CTC is now composed as follow:

President Dr. Francesco Ramella (ANACRHAI President)
Deputy President Mr. Roland Morat (Breeder) 

Sig. Sandro Sandri Breeder
Sig. Luca Marcelli Breeder

Dr. Angelo Ciardiello Official Ministry of Agricolture appointed for the control on Haflinger SB 
Dr.ssa Stefania Reitano Official Ministry of Agricolture
D.ssa Antonia Samorè Genetic and Selection Expert (appointed by Ministry of Agricolture)
D.ssa Donatella LoniOfficial Vet. Service Ministry of Health

Dr. Erich Kofler Funzionario Agricolture Service Province of Bolzano
Dr.ssa Maria Lina Sandionigi Funzionario Agricolture Service Lombardia Region
Dr. Giorgio Rocco Funzionario Agricolture Service Basilicata Region

Dr. Andrea Sgambati Resposnable of SB Technicians