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Collegio dei Sindaci e Collegio Probiviri
As established by the Satute rules, there is also a Control Council (in italian Collegio dei Sindaci) which has the task to control that all administration decisions must be completely respectfull of Laws. The Control Council, like Admnistration Council, is elected each three years by the general Assembly. 
This Council is now formed by:

Dr. Peter Peer President

Dr. Lorenzo Treggi Member

Miss Stefanina Marronaro Member appointed by the Ministry of Agricolture.


The ANACRHAI Statute establish also another Council which is appointed for arbitrates in Association life if need. This Council is named in italian Collegio dei Porbiviri and is elected each three years by the Assembly. The Arbitrate Council is now formed by:

Dr. Stefano Poli former President of the Control Council

Mr. Luciano Pozzerle President of Verona Breeders Association

Dr.ssa Elisabetta Salvini appointed by the Italian Breeders Association (AIA) which is the National Association that gathers alla Province Breedr Associations and all National Breeders Associations.